Vegas Tim Minchin Paul F Tompkins Moby Billy Connolly and Dominic Dierkes

We just got back from Montreal and Vegas. I will miss Vegas the same way I’m assuming soldiers miss war. I will never forget Vegas, much like I will never forget September 11th. And I will think of Vegas every time I want to die.

I would like to remind everyone that Vegas is real. It exists. It was built. It is lived in. It is enjoyed. There is a place in America where you go to put money in machines, and that machines sole purpose is to not give you back your money.

The most romantic thing you can do in said city, is be married by an Elvis impersonator. Someone who dresses up as someone, who fucked a minor and died while taking a shit. A story for the grandchildren I imagine.

There were smoking mothers, and hooters hotels, and more buffets then I thought were possible. And we didn?t even leave the hotel. There were packs of frat guys who thought the movie the hangover wasn?t so much a comedy as it was something to aspire to. They were fucking everywhere.

The outfits that these casino girls wore were more damaging to feminism then if a video was released of Gloria Steinem being gangbanged by all the Republican members of congress.

What I?m trying to say is it?s good to be home. In the last two weeks we have interviewed some of my heroes for Citizen Radio ( to subscribe). And next week we have even more crazy ones!

Here are some links for you to enjoy.

Two of my favorite people/comics Tim Minchin and Dominic Dierkes – Listen here

Paul F Tompkins –Listen here the quality is kinda shitty on this one since we taped outside but Paul is possibly the greatest working comic right now.

And this show I blogged about all ready (should air next week) but for now photos of Citizen Radio Live! with Moby and Billy Connolly: Pictures

I love you all.

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