New Tour Dates Up on the Gig Page

Austin, Vancouver, Seattle, San Fran, Kansas City, Minneapolis and more coming soon. Start spreading the word and then lets fuck these cities up eh?


  1. Helen Sumner said:

    Noticed that there are no Aussie tours listed. Tsk Tsk, Just cause we live in the arse end of the world doesn’t mean we aren’t entitled to a bit of fun !!

    • Jamie said:

      They are coming soon! Look for October.

  2. Steve said:

    Be sure to come back to Adelaide. October’s much quieter here than March but you don’t have to hang around.

  3. Mike C. said:

    Come to SLC, UT!!
    I know, Utah sucks… But I think you’d have a good showing with all the pro-gay protests going on right now against the Mormon church. And although Utah is 90 percent conservative, SLC itself is very liberal.

  4. Taylor said:

    You should come to Atlanta!!

    • Jamie said:

      Demand me at! I’ll look into it if it gets to 50

  5. Rebekh said:

    I love your albums! Come to Raleigh, NC! Remember, Southerns are far more scared of you than you should be of them!

    • Jamie said:

      Demand at and if it gets to 50 we’ll look into it! Tell your friends too!