New Stuff

First – Citizen Radio is blowing the fuck up. It’s all cause of you guys. If you are new you can subscribe HERE

It’s radio for outcasts.

Upcoming guests Bad Religion! Noam Chomsky! Michael Ian Black! Joe Rogan! Mike Birbiglia! Anti Flag! Reggie Watts! Glenn Greenwald! Digby!Rise Against! Chris Hardwick, John Oliver, Robin Williams, Lewis Black and much more!

We also have a youtube channel with new standup from me at HERE

Shows – This week headlining Standford Comedy Club in Kansas City Get tickets HERE

All I know about Kansas is the god hates fags people live here and I have some really nice fans here and would like them to outnumber the crazy people.

Next week Vancouver with Marc Maron, Neil Hamburger, Eddie Pepitone, Glenn Wool and more crazy shit. Right now it looks like the show to catch is Edge of the Fest Tickets HERE

SYDNEY ONE NIGHT ONLY FULL LENGTH SET I have hung out with you crazy fucks before and Sydney and Chicago are tied for my favorite people in the world. The set is all new from the Comedy Store run last year and I want to sell this one out. It’s a huge music space so we are doing it punk rock style. Help me prove this shit can work with comedy and get tickets now! TICKETS

We are a commercial free word of mouth operation kids. If it wasn’t for you I would be dead. So thanks for that.

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