Citizen Radio Stops The War in Sydney This Friday

Come meet Citizen Radio while screaming shit about our illegal occupations. Citizen Radio first meetup for Sydney.

This Friday at town hall. We say fuck you to the war then go to the show at the manning bar. 530 at Town Hall.

Then an hour and a half of new material here.

Then my CD recording in Minneapolis at Acme Comedy Club, Chicago then San Fran. 2010 will also have a ton of new cities!

Also Citizen Radio is flying solo and doing great cause of you guys. We all ready have 100 paid members and were ranked number 4 for political podcasts on ITUNES.

This month we have Noam Chomsky, Bad Religion, Rachel Maddow, Anti Flag, Joe Rogan, Michael Ian Black, Birbiglia, Melissa Harris Lacewell, Reggie Watts and more.

I love you all.

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