Performing with Talib Kweli at Occupy Wallstreet

There are some moments in life you will never forget: when you fall in love, for example. And I don’t mean when you see someone you want to go to bed with. I mean love. As in your first thought isn’t, “wow look at them” it’s more like “aw, shit.” Like “fuck, everything is about to change.”

There is the first moment you stand up to your parents, the time you think you invented masturbation, and so on.

Going down to see Occupy Wall Street gets added to that list. Seeing people put their bodies on the line to stand up to bullies is one of the most powerful things I’ve witnessed. Seeing people who are called “unorganized” set up a water filtration systems, a kitchen, lost and found, teach-ins, law seminars, marches with unions, and a media center in the middle of a fucking park, was so jaw-dropping I was at a loss for words. To be honest, there is way too much to describe here, but if you want to hear coverage and interviews with guests like Naomi Klein, and marchers and organizers, check out last week’s Citizen Radio at

This is why the next night I decided to perform for them. However, every artist assumes they are not good enough so I called all my famous friends, and the only one that agreed to do it was the one I assumed was way too big to do it, but was so inspired by the movement he had no choice. As he says in the interview “It’s the truest America I’ve ever seen.”

Here is J.A Myerson leading the kids in the Peoples Mic, my performance, and Talib Kweli. And for the interview check out the October 10th Citizen Radio.

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