Animal Rights

So this one is pretty huge for me. I used to be a fat fast food eating piece of shit. I was always sick, couldn’t get out of bed without feeling winded, and if you cooked me baby fingers in Mcnugget form I probably would have eaten it. Once I became a vegan, I had more energy, started boxing and practicing BJJ 5 times a week, and knew I was not responsible for the torture of animals. Once you see how your food is being made, the animals that are skinned alive, thrown in boiling water, the baby chicks that are thrown into trash compactors etc, just so you can become a sickly fuck, you will consider changing your shitty eating habits. Here is where I started. It will tell you why a vegetarian/vegan diet will help the environment, your health, animals, workers, and more. It will also give you great recipies that aren’t just salads and nuts. Trust me. I hate fucking salads. Check out Go Veg and Peta 2 below.
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Good Radio

I feel like we have gotten to a point where radios motto should be “Radio! I hope you like Nickelback!” And I don’t. Nobody should. Nickelback doesn’t like Nickelback. They probably wake up everyday, in their million dollar homes, start to smile, then head to the mirror and go “aw fuck! Still fucking Nickelback!”

The news is even worse. With everything that goes on in the world you would think CNN could do better then ” Breaking! See who Tiger Woods is fucking.” or “Is Paris Hiltons Vagina still leaking.” or “watch Larry King interview some B celebrity and hope he doesn’t die.”

This was an actual question Larry King asked the singer Shakira.

Larry – Shakira do people like heroes?

Holy fucking shit Larry! I don’t know! Do people hate rape? Do children love running for no reason? Am I terrified of squirrels? The answer to all of those is yes. But they are the most trusted name in news.

I host a free radio show called Citizen Radio with my wife the famed foul mouthed lefty Allison Kilkenny. Listen as we scream about our fucked up world and interview crazy ass guests such as Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Tim Minchin, Robin Williams, Janeane Garofalo, Johann Hari, Melissa Harris Lacewell, The Thermals, Guy Aitchison, Tariq Ali, Peter Singer, PZ Meyers, Matt Taibbi, Glenn Greewald, Jeremy Scahill and more!

Good Comedy

I will write more on this but for now go here.
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Good Journalism

I will write more on this but for now go here and read everyday.
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Good News

I will write more on this but for now go here and watch everyday.