Street Team


If I’m already coming to your town, you can help get the word out and more cool people can learn who I am/we are/Citizen Radio is. Let’s be honest: if you’re reading this you’ve seen me a lot and it’s always more fun to indoctrinate new people. Like a cult!

You can print posters for all my gigs and post at local vegan joints, indie coffee houses, etc. When you post them, let the staff know what I’m about so they can check it out or tell people who ask!

For any sweet little introverts: if you’re afraid of strangers (like I am) invite internet people! Make Facebook invites and invite all your friends. You can use my poster as an image. (This works really, really well, so yay Team Introverts!)

Be creative! Post on forums, meet-up groups, make your own posters, FIGHT FOR MY LOVE.

I want to keep touring forever and the venues to grow, but since I pay my own way, I can only come back to cities where enough people come out. Let’s do this! Team work!