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Join comedian Jamie Kilstein (Joe RoganConanShowtimeCNN) 5 days a week as he recaps news headlines in a funny, short (thank god) and digestible podcast! Collating headlines from all different types of news sources, Jamie and his army of Misfits (listeners) aim to avoid the tribalized bullshit brought on by social media and 24-hour news networks.

The show will encourage a community of active listeners and guests from a diverse political background to engage, disagree, and maybe even change each other’s minds. In short, the show will be a safe space for weirdos to sift through the political bullshit and try not to be dicks.

Every Friday, patrons will get access to the longer form show where Jamie will be more personal, give advice, and probably talk about his cat Talib Kitty.

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Please Don’t Arm The Teachers

I wrote my first blog on Medium! Follow the link for the whole piece!

Happy National Teachers Appreciation Day! Lets not turn them into armed killing machines! Cool!

If you were to ask me to describe a teacher, marksman, child killer, and loves guns, would not be at the top of my list.

The solution to gun violence shouldn’t be add more guns. No one was like, “you know how we beat Harvey Weinstein, with MORE Harvey Weinsteins!” We need more good guys with Harvey Weinsteins to rape the bad guys with Harvey Weinsteins. NO! WE NEED NO HARVEY WEINSTEINS!

Where was I? GUNS!…..


On The Doug Stanhope Podcast with Bert Kreischer and Morgan Murphy

On the Joe Rogan Experience

Steve Allen Theater / Circle V Festival!

Very excited about these upcoming gigs!

Circle V Festival: Oct 23

Steve Allen Theater show: Oct 24


Jamie Kilstein’s first full band CD is here!

20 years in the making I finally put my first record out. Due to copious amount of weed smoking in my youth I don’t remember much vividly. I remember being scared, love struck, and all that but I don’t remember when and wheres.

But I do remember the first time I picked up a guitar. The first time I spoke into a mic. The first time I hit a drum. Hell, I remember banging on a fisher price piano in my high chair watching the muppets. I remember every fucking thing about those moments. The smell, the touch, everything.

There isn’t much I’ve wanted to do in this life as much as play music, listen to music, be around music. It takes up most my days. Even when I’m writing sketch comedy or whatever, I have to be listening to the perfect album to write THAT sketch. Its pulled me out of depression, addiction, and even suicidal thoughts.

I don’t know what this record will do for other people. I know we set out to make a rock record. Not prop comedy. But not preachy unfunny bullshit either. A rock record with lyrics that mattered to me. Lyrics about all of the horrible politics in this weird, about being a weirdo and setting out to find other weirdos.

Maybe this will make some of you feel less alone. I hope it does. Thats what music does for me everyday.

Thanks to everyone who made this possible! Go get it! Pass it around. Burn it for friends. This is just the beginning.

Summer residency at Sidewalk Cafe NYC!

Jamie is excited to announce his first residency at Sidewalk Cafe NYC. Every Wednesday in June and July, see Jamie Kilstein & The Agenda along with a great array of special guests & friends like Janeane Garafalo, author Jessica Valenti, the epic Natalie Cressman from the Trey Anastasio band! And more to come all summer! Come for the raging left wing politics, dance to the music!!

Fuck the NRA on SoundCloud


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Our first book #NEWSFAIL is out! book stores everywhere!

Time to be sappy! Not gonna spell check cause I already wrote a book so fuck you.

Dropping out of high school when I was younger got me labeled as stupid pretty fast. To be fair, I wasn’t good at school, and very high, but I always wanted to be smart. I’ve held this chip on my shoulder for a very long time. Never feeling like I was smart enough to hang with journalists or even people who went to a good school.

I thought I wasn’t informed enough to read or write about politics. I probably thought Noam Chomsky was a band.

Even after our show took off, we got to interview some of our heroes (like the band Noam Chomsky) I felt dumb telling people I wanted to write a book. To be fair, the only reason this happened is cause Allison is a great writer and knows how to spell. But I thought, I’m the clown, I go on stage and make the dick jokes. Leave the smart stuff to the people who didn’t fail spanish1 4TIMES.

In the pitch to Simon & Schuster we didn’t hold back. We turned down book pitches in the past when we really needed money cause they were shitty middle of the road ideas. We told our wonderful editor Sarah, “Look. We are gonna write a weird filthy political book. It’s gonna be anti war, pro=vegan, feminist, pro-palestine, and we are gonna take a big shit on all the news shows we need to get booked on to promote it.” and to our shock she said “yeah ok.”

At least for today I’m gonna consider myself an author. We wrote a book. It’s A medium I love, a medium that’s saved my life, a medium that turns words into adventures. We can add our names to that list now. All of the empty gigs, the times I was booed off stage, living out of our car for a year and a half just so I could shout words into a mic have come to this.

Maybe the book will flop. Maybe not. But it’s done. It will live forever and we did it because of all of you. The reason we were given this shot is because the Citizen Radio maniacs are out of their mind. By buying the book, sometimes more than one, being loud out twitter, requesting copies of #Newsfail for your library, you should that a little podcast shouldn’t be fucked with. This is your book.

Don’t let anyone make you feel stupid. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do (right Locke?!) Do it. Do it with support or without it. Just have fun doing it. Like Bill Hicks said “enjoy the ride.

I hope this little book does well tomorrow. Help us be loud and force people to listen.


In case you missed it, What Alive People Do, dropped recently, got a review on Rolling Stone and shot to the top of the iTunes comedy chart.


Get it now in the Citizen Radio store to give your money to me and not a giant corporation! 

Also, I’ve got gigs coming up in New York at the end of the year, and San Francisco and Penn State early next year. Click on gigs and get tickets.