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The show will encourage a community of active listeners and guests from a diverse political background to engage, disagree, and maybe even change each other’s minds. In short, the show will be a safe space for weirdos to sift through the political bullshit and try not to be dicks.

Every Friday, patrons will get access to the longer form show where Jamie will be more personal, give advice, and probably talk about his cat Talib Kitty.

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Please Don’t Arm The Teachers

I wrote my first blog on Medium! Follow the link for the whole piece!

Happy National Teachers Appreciation Day! Lets not turn them into armed killing machines! Cool!

If you were to ask me to describe a teacher, marksman, child killer, and loves guns, would not be at the top of my list.

The solution to gun violence shouldn?t be add more guns. No one was like, ?you know how we beat Harvey Weinstein, with MORE Harvey Weinsteins!? We need more good guys with Harvey Weinsteins to rape the bad guys with Harvey Weinsteins. NO! WE NEED NO HARVEY WEINSTEINS!

Where was I? GUNS!…..


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On the Joe Rogan Experience

San Francisco: Cobb’s Comedy Club


L.A.: Circle V Festival


Steve Allen Theater / Circle V Festival!

Very excited about these upcoming gigs!

Circle V Festival: Oct 23

Steve Allen Theater show: Oct 24


Los Angeles: Steve Allen Theater


NYC: Holy Fuck Jamie Kilstein’s Doing Standup Again, Union Hall



NYC: Jamie Kilstein & The Agenda, Brooklyn Bowl

Tickets and other bands coming soon!